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The year 2014, that of my sixtieth birthday, was a pivotal year for me. Synonymous with the end of my professional career and the beginning of my "artistic adventure".

It was time for me to present some of my creations made in the last twenty years. Reflections of my imagination, I kept them jealously hidden from view. I reveal a part of them with you, as well as my last works.


I have always been a lover of painting and photography, and about thirty years ago, computer science came naturally to me to bring these two disciplines together under the same prism:

 Digital Art


Previously, mostly spectator and admirer of the artists who made me dream, this discipline confirmed my ability to translate my feelings, my emotions.


The computer, this formidable tool of creation became the revealing vector of my need for artistic expression. 


Initially, my artistic influences come from the avant-garde currents of the beginning of the XXth century. Fauvism, cubism, and abstract art are my first bases of reflection. Then came the American influences of the 1950s and 1960s.


Asia is also an important source of inspiration. A subtle approach, all in delicacy, a philosophy of life and art which touches me and moves me by its smoothness and the subtlety of its artists.

A part of phantasmagoria, surrealism and visual romanticism complete my research.


The interpretation of the primary emotion, the basis of my work, is of course partly conditioned by my artistic influences. My quest is to find the balance between influence and personal inspiration.


Self-taught in art. I claim this status which gives me a total freedom of creation, certainly little academically, but in total adequacy with my independence of spirit.


I have no predefined "artistic project", except that of creating. Better and better, less and less under influence and to always perfect my techniques of creation.


I hope you will be sensitive to my proposals. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts with me. The Contact form is at your disposal.

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