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I welcome you to my graphic imaginary.


My artistic reflection is based on the first emotion. Most of my creations come from images, shapes, objects that made me feel an immediate and particular emotion. Captured by the lens or engraved in my memory, I sometimes think that they are the ones who chose me and not the opposite.

This first emotion is like a crystal ball that lets me glimpse the possibility of another reading than the one at first glance, the perception of another version. As if these images or these objects revealed a secret to me, their secret.


This fantasized world, sometimes romantic, calm and serene, sometimes reveals a darker, more disturbing side. It leaves room for feelings and fears that each of us carries within us and can interpret in our own way, according to our experience, our history.


I hope that this "parallel" world will seduce you and bring out in you as many first emotions as it took me to create it.


I wish you an excellent visit ....


                                                                                     Philippe Socquin-Brillan                         


The Lovers at the Street Lamp
- Salon d'Automne - Paris 2024
- Digital is My Art - Paris
Spring 2024

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